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The Hybrid Systems

The HSs have the potential to generate stable day-long electricity. It is a multisource energetic system. In other words, a hybrid system can combine wind, and solar energy (WS) to be stored in various ways.

The hybrid-focused economies have stable energetic infrastructure at a less cost, without any tangible influence on the environment. An agile system enables to production of energy from renewable sources into the grid.

Our services greatly contribute to the hybridization of the Armenian Grid (AG), which strengthens the Energy infrastructure (EI) of our country.

Solar AM chooses efficient HSGs for our customers’ day-to-day needs. The HSs are going to become extremely popular all over the world. The System is going to gain popularity in Armenia, as the system is well suited for remote mountainous locations and warm climates. Besides, the HSs have made a boom in the grid market due to their cost competitiveness and optimal efficiency. Solar AM offers HS siting, installing, and storing services to our customers in Armenia and the region. We ensure Cleaner energy with the installation of HSs ensuring renewable continuous energy into your grid.

The Hybrid Systems

Solar AM services include: Customized HS designs (we design customized HS designs and models in a detailed way to deploy the hybrid technology) Efficient hybridization of your Grid Grid operation, to maintain affordability and optimize storage opportunities at a maximal value for your businesses Deployment of parallel and series hybrid systems Deployment of full hybrids, mild hybrids, and plug-in hybrids for your economies with daylong maintenance services
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